Knowledge Drop Sessions

Moonshine Music & Art Festival is not just dropping bass this year! Stop in at the Knowledge Drop zones and attend a variety of workshops, seminars, and interactive lessons during the day. All knowledge drops are FREE for festival attendees. Stop in at the drop zones each day for the full schedule.


An Introduction to Fire-Safety

In this Knowledge Drop, you will learn everything you need to be completely safe and protected when spinning and performing with fire, including topics such as difference in fuel types, clothing, how to create fire-safe costumes, insurance, how to create a fire-safe space, and how to become a fire-safety volunteer. Come hang out and learn how to get lit safely!




This Knowledge Drop will explore Sacred Geometry, stenciling, and a multitude of techniques and tricks that are commonly used by spray painters. All experience levels are welcome!

  • About Banyan

    Kayla Mae Nordbye (Banyan) is the owner and operator of Banyan Arts and Design (B.A.D.) Her products range from clothing, murals, tapestries, hats, and more!

    “With my knowledge in spray paint and Sacred Geometry I combine the two to create my own personal brand of enlightened art and products.” – Banyan

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Blue – A Mindfullness Tale: Storytime for Your Inner Child

Blue- A Mindfulness Tale is a book about compassion, self-love, gratitude, hope, perseverance, and meditation for all ages. Beautifully illustrated by Nuri Keli of FX’s Archer, this short story is a heart-opening hero’s journey that will fill you with love and hope. Bring your inner child as Hill will Drop some Knowledge on them this year!

  • About Hill Schroder

    Hill is a poet/artist/healer/heyoka and author of Blue – A Mindfulness Tale.

    Years after discovering meditation at Shambhala retreat, he held a six-month residence at Magnolia Grove Monastery, where he wrote his story about compassion, self-love, gratitude, resilience, and meditation for ages 8 to 108.

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The Gift of Gab and the Profound Science of Culture

A sympL study of music and counter-culture – from the social and psychedelic movement of the 60s, the drug culture of the 70s, hip-hop and the rise of the video star in the 80s, and a return to a social timing similar to the 60s – however, in many ways, lacking the purposefulness and meaning behind the arts – a situation that WE as members and contributors to the culture are responsible for providing. It’s sympL in the Dropp Science Space!

  • About sympL

    As an author, emcee, promoter, booking agent, and tour manager, sympL has worn many hats and his background includes working with some of the best in the business. First and foremost, however, he is an artist raised, groomed, and tested by the D.I.Y. Ethos. As founding member and manager of the group, Projekt Lotus, he was able to establish a solid and loyal fan-base around the U.S. He worked up the touring ranks both solo and with his group to share the stage and support highly publicized tours with Wu-Tang Clan’s Cappadonna, Del the Funky Homosapien, Hieroglyphics, Mobb Deep, RA the Rugged Man, Chali2na, Akil the MC of Jurassic 5, Cypress Hill, Das EFX, and The Artifacts.
    sympL’s kept a busy touring schedule too – opening for Space Jesus, Mindelixir, Eliot Lipp, DJ Dara, Freddy Todd, Esseks, as well as touring with Moka Only and Illa J (J Dilla’s brother), Hieroglyphic’s Casual for his 20th Anniversary tour, and was added to a few dates on the famed Van’s Warped Tour.
    “My name is sympL and I ain’t here to save the Earth. My rhymes ignite the hydrogen & burn the whole world first. The words designed to incite change – the flames of the phoenix. And hidden within every madman is the mind of a genius. And within each line is a dream trying to reach its zenith. We reap the fruits we so so broken souls and fallen angels know this city is full of loss & regret. We return to the Earth to fertilize the birth of the next. So let this fire burn and when the wind blows away ash, don’t waste your time looking back, the moment has passed. In the future we won’t be living like this. Sometimes you’ve got to die to kill yourself to know you exist. In the future, you will all be listening…” -sympL

    As his plate continues to fill, sympL is finishing up the Full Blast Tour, which has spanned the Eastern Seaboard and he is super excited to be a part of the festival this year.

    It’s sympL in the Dropp Science Space!

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Good Vibes Morning Yin Yoga

Whether you’re just waking up or been dancin’ all night, be sure to start your morning off right at the (location) with some good vibes and refreshing YIN YOGA. While working out those kinks from groovin’ and getting’ down, you will also find this a beneficial time to settle your thoughts, set a good intention, and breathe deep in preparation of another fun, groovy day full of adventure. All skill levels are welcome, and modifications will be noted throughout the session for novice and beginner yogis alike.  Forgot your yoga mat? No worries, a towel will suffice, or go all natural and feel the cool morning grass beneath your feet and between your toes!

  • About Rylee Bunton

    Rylee Bunton is extremely excited to welcome you each morning to bring in your day in a positive, mindful way!

    “Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul” -John Muir

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Connect with the emotion that flow arts brings during this interactive knowledge drop from Lorrainebow Flow! This experience is about reconnecting with the expression of dance in hooping and a welcoming workshop for people of all skill levels.

  • About Lorrainebow Flow

    “I want to take you on a journey from the inside out. First we will connect with the emotion that flow arts bring to us all. We will meditate on how we feel when we get lost in our circle. Then we will try to momentarily forget the circle in which we sometimes hide behind, to connect with our bodies and the passion within, that leads to the connection we feel with our circles through movement & self expression.

    We will stretch, and we will do a little improvisation without our hoop. From there I will have participants free flow with their hoop for a song or two to really connect deeply with that passion and the fluidity of movement that occurs when we are flowing for ourselves and not for our audience.Afterwards, I will begin to teach isolation theory, variations, tosses, and chest rolls for all levels. For each trick I will have a beginner, intermediate, and advanced trick to learn. From there I will teach a fun combination to take with you into your own hoop journey.

    I want this Knowledge Drop to leave participants more confident and connected with themselves and become more aware of their body movement than before they took the time to go on this brief journey with me. If there is time left I will take request on breaking down other hoop tricks or tips with dance.”

    Atlanta’s own, Lorraine Rebuelta, I has lived 25 beautiful years dancing through life & finding different artistic ways to express herself. “My biggest passion in life developed at the age of two when I begin dance classes. I was trained in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, and Hip-Hop. That passion of self-expression has grown the older I’ve become. With 16 years of training in dance, I took a step forward in finding my individuality through flow arts. Flow Arts for me are one of the most beautiful forms of freedom of self expression I have ever witnessed. I love watching them, I love doing them, and within the last year I have truly found a passion in teaching them. I am honored to be able to do so at Moonshine Music & Arts Festival this year!”

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How to Follow Your Personal Legend

Take off your shoes and jump on the INCREDIBus with KnoBody! In this Knowledge Drop, we will explore how in each of us our heart has a song and and a dream that we are here to accomplish.

  • About KnoBody

    “My work delves into how to discover your dream, as a conscious creator and how best to go about manifesting that dream in this world. So many people creator barriers in their life. Reasons why they can’t do what they really want in life. I speak from personal experience and share the stories of others in a fun way, and work with personally with class participants on how to knock down their walls and create the greatness they were born to do and be!” -KnoBody

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Channeling Your Inner Artist

Drake Arnold guides participants through a relaxing journey to find and paint their own personal spirit animal. Participants are encouraged to bring their own art supplies including paints and canvas or simply follow along as he teaches you how to paint your own complete painting from start to finish. Techniques to be covered will include: background washes, textures or stencils, painting a subject matter (spirit animal), light source and shadows, basic perspectives and more.

  • About Drake Arnold

    Recently featured at both Tipper & Friendz Events: The Nocturnal Edition and the Purple Hatter’s Ball, Moonshine Music & Arts Festival also welcomes the ever-so-talented Drake Arnold!

    “Drawing inspiration from the Earth and our natural environment, my work has been influenced by all aspects of this multifaceted life.  From the academic disciplines of Mathematics, Science, and Philosophy to the fantastical whimsy of the Imagination, my work has been informed by my life’s journey and my hearts intuition. I find myself using art as a means of intimately reconnecting with my most transcendental experiences and relating them to others. Recently I have been using art as a means of expressing deeply personal experiences that I cannot convey in words alone. I have found incredible joy in trying to take the purely experiential or conceptual and re-writing it into a new visual vernacular. Mine is just one perspective out of the vast ocean of humanity’s infinite potential.” -Drake Arnold

    Drake makes work that falls loosely between the genres of surreal, fantasy, psychedelic, and visionary art. He creates everything from paintings and digital illustrations to 3D prints and interactive projection mapping installations. He loves traveling the country live painting at music festivals and visiting nature and the National Parks.

    Asides from all of that, Drake is a really friendly guy!  Be sure to spend some time getting to know Drake during his Moonshine Music & Arts Festival Knowledge Drops!

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DTron’s Knowledge Drop and Open Mic Poetry Slam

In this hands-on forum to discuss with festival goers the nuances of writing poetry and prose DTron drops knowledge and hosts Moonshine’s first Poetry Slam. A non-judgmental zone to bring writers together to collaborate on writing, share it with the group, network with other writers and non-writers alike, and to have all participate in an open Mic Poetry slam set to visuals and music.

  • About DTron

    Michael (DTron) Sanders is a product of the 1990’s Detroit Rave scene and that is how his writing began.

    “I came home from my first party with a mind full of wild thoughts.”

    DTron has been quietly compiling poetry, prose, and short stories over the course of the past 20 years. The Alux Chronicles Novel/Anthology is currently a work in progress and will be published in 2017 via Create Space.

    By Trade, Michael is an Information Security Engineer and works for IBM Cloud as the Program Manager of the Network On-Boarding team.

    “I am protecting you on the web during the day, and getting down to beats and writing about it by night. I have a passion for collecting stories by experiencing them, and that is what a vast majority of my tales are about. Writing is an absolute passion of mine. I am constantly writing day and night. Whenever a random thought pops in my head, I whip out my phone and jot it down. That is the method to my madness and how I write. Capture the the thoughts immediately as they occur, or lose them forever.” -DTron

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Diving into Data Visualization

In this Night-time Knowledge Drop, anyone with an interest in technology will come away with some real insight as to how to get started and join in this ever-evolving field. Stick around and witness Daniel Thomas code and demonstrate the far-out frameworks and sensational visual art he has developed!

  • About Daniel Thomas
    I am continuously pushing my mind along with the limits of the web.” -Daniel Thomas

    Daniel is a senior software engineer, that has worked on various projects for multiple Fortune 100 companies. He attended the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom, where he studied Computer Science. Daniel specializes in User Interface and User Experience with a passion for data visualization. Currently, he is working on a side project to create a unique data visualization framework.

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The Warrior’s Forward Press

Stop in for a knowledge drop on Reggae with a touch of Hip-Hop, Tai Chi and some Kung Fu. Last Disciple brings a very special combination of Martial Arts, Conscious Music, and Lyricism based on time-tested Rastafarian ethics.

  • About Last Disciple

    Hailing from Greenville, Brad Brandt (Last Disciple) is a recording artist who has been recording heavily in Jamaica for the past few years. Reggae, hardcore rap lyrics and bass pounding beats makes up the sound of Last Disciple. With a clear rasta message, Last Disciple takes you on a spiritual and intellectual journey. Drinched in reggae vibes and laid down on melodic chart topping beats by the legendary Mister Dash. If your a true fan of rap, hiphop, reggae, dancehall music then you will love Babylon Fall. Be the first to get on the movement…

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Lyra Lovin’

This Knowledge Drop is for those who know how to fly, those just beginning their Aerial Arts journey, and those who have yet to take off! Here we will learn how to mount a Lyra (a hoop popularized in Circus Arts), how to descend, as well as covering several moves and transitions, some more challenging than others.

  • About SpaceNymph
    “I would like to educate those who are inspired to try Aerial Arts, but never have.” ~SpaceNymph

    Jennifer Kortier (SpaceNymph) is an Atlanta-based performance artist who has worked and performed at festivals all over the country. Her love for flow arts began 5 years ago with hula hooping. From there she has expanded to fire spinning, aerial dance, bodypainting, character work and more!

    Jennifer is thrilled to share her passion for Circus Arts with us for the second year, and adding to the magic of the Moonshine Music & Arts Festival experience!

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Space Painting 101

Come by the Cosmic Collective Art Space for Space Painting 101, where you can use spray paint to create perfectly-crafted nighttime scenes! Each person will be given materials to use and guided through instruction. Come visit and make the moon shine!



The Art of Human Sound Expression

In a world where it is said that “Hip-Hop is dead”, Komakozie revitalizes the principles and fundamentals of the culture. As a One man Orchestra, and also a member of Telekinetic Walrus, Komakozie brings a variety of styles through his talents such as Singing, Dancing, Rapping, And some of the MOST-OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD Beat-boxing! Through Yoghic Breath of Fire and other techniques we can heal speech impediments, raise breath control, bring more conscious awareness to the body, the mind, and our music. Join Miami’s legendary Komakozie as he Knowledge Drops on the Art of Human Sound Expression!

  • About Komakozie

    Born in Brooklyn, NY, Michael (Komakozie) Rodney grew up in a family of Musicians and Music lovers. He thus became passionate about singing R&B and dancing at a very young age.

    “At that point, specifically Hip-Hop Music stood out to me the most, as I stood out socially.”  -Komakozie

    Usher, Michael Jackson, Madlib, and Sun Ra are a few of the greats that have heavily influenced his career. Soulfully applying his musical knowledge to his sets, Kozie produces sounds and an atmosphere that immediately gets peoples attention, they gather around, and its a dance party! His Beatboxing, freestyle lyrics, song-writing, and dance style speaks Peace, Love, Honesty, Respect, Devotion, following your heart, and always being Grateful.

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The Art of Self-Expression Through Electronics

With digital technologies and Pushing Lotuses as your guide, anyone may come and learn to paint the picture of the world you wish to realize!

  • About Pushing Lotuses
    “As guardians of the code we must share and spread the information through our self expressions. For we are all One Consciousness having individual realities and must upload the awareness through this reality that we’re All together in NOW.” -Pushing Lotuses

    Pushing Lotuses has been producing and mixing both Imagery and Sound Design since 1992. Since then he has had the blessing of working with Moksha Family Arts Collective, Alex and Allyson Grey, Robert Venosa, Mark Henson, Olivia Curry, Chris Dyer, Android Jones just to name a few.

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Heavy Metal: Introduction and Construction of Orgonite

This wondrous device is diverse in its ability to heal by transmuting positive ions into negative ions. Negative ions help the growth of biological life, specifically cell regeneration. In this unique Knowledge Drop experience you will be able to make your very own Moonshine Orgonite! Wendy will bring all of the supplies needed to safely create your very own device right in the field.

  • About Wendy Universe
    Wendy is working on bringing to light the wonders of energy, and the quantum/metaphysical ways we reach higher understanding. She has been studying Orgone energy for over 5 years. This being the leading class she teaches. Making tools for “magic” and self discovery is another major hobby in her life. Her goal is bring information and these physical tools to awaken the mind and heart. The journey was started long ago, but now the Universe family is taking it on the road. To reach out to the human race. Who is waking up to the magical beings they are.

    Wendy has had time doing readings, working at metaphysical shops, and running her own business. She has been interested in the field of metaphysics, magic, and the paranormal her whole life. Experiences that lead her to this path of awakening have been her conduit, always knowing there is something new to learn and fun to share. Magic is in the air when the Universe family is around.

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Intro to Fire Eating & Fleshing

Link returns to Moonshine for his second year with a HOT Knowledge Drop about Fire Eating, Fuel Transfers, and Fleshing. Come to Incendia and learn with Link!



Honoring Your Yoni

Sisters, come and join Renaissance Woman, Shakti Durga, in Honoring Your Yoni! The Yoni is the sacred creative womb. Divine Femininity needs maintenance, healing, and self-love. So bring a yoga mat or blanket and celebrate Womanhood in this Ladies-Only Knowledge Drop!

  • More About Shakti Durga

    “At this critical time we must journey within, speak our truth, rise from conditional love to higher compassionate love, and not hold back on our gifts.” -Shakti Durga

    A Renaissance Journey Woman!

    Blessed with teachers and by many great minds in her studies such as the Art of Mayan Karmic cleansing, Rootwork/Hoodoo, Native and Central American Indian healing practices as well as extensive Theosophy, White Tigress and Taoist Tantra.

    “Many of us believe that the Earth is at a critical stage and shifting into her Ascension. An ascension which we as tribes are here for. The more we heal ourselves, the more that healing energy helps the Earth. The more we find balance within ourselves, the more balance will be reflected in our conscious relationships, in our homes, our CommUnity, and local and global societies” -Shakti Durga

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The Shiva Shakti (Honoring the Sacred Masculine & Divine Feminine Within)

All sexual preferences and Genders, singles and couples. Honoring the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine within ourselves. A ceremony of forgiveness, healing, elevated higher heart compassionate love and tribal sensual dance and animal spirit dance at end. Fast flowing cup of spiritual espresso. Dress up, get Funkadelik and be ready to Honor and Celebrate yourselves.

  • More About Shakti Durga

    Shakti Durga holds certifications in Permaculture Design, as well as having attended courses through Cornell’s small farm program, actively eco-building in Central America, Medicinal plant studies in Costa Rica, in addition to American Indian and Central American ceremonial studies including Journey of the Shaman, and Luminous body healing.

    “At this critical time we must journey within, speak our truth, rise from conditional love to higher compassionate love and not hold back on our gifts. We have gifts and must share them for the good of all Humankind.” -Shakti Durga

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